Born This Way - Lady Gaga is 28!

March 28, 2014




When you hear the name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, it might not ring any bells...

When you hear the name Lady Gaga on the other hand,  immediately an array of headline-grabbing emsembles immersed in an aura of drama and intrigue springs to mind. Few wouldn't be able to recall her custom made luminous telephone hair-hat as she dueted with Beyonce in 2009 or, even more boundary-breaking, an outfit comprised entirely of raw meat as she took to the MTV awards carpet in 2010. Fire bra, anyone? Bubble dress, perhaps? Dinosaur inspired cheek impants?!


It’s undeniable that her style veers towards the outrageous, via the downright loopy, but she’s carved a successful career based on her talent as much as any of her eye-watering outfits. In addition to the hundreds of accolades to her name, she has proved as popular with designers as she has her band of loyal monsters. Armani, Karl Lagerfeld and Nicola Formichetti have all created bespoke pieces for her, cementing her as a true fashion  icon.


Happy Birthday, Gaga!

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