Plus Size: How To Wear...Slogan Tees

April 14, 2014


Coachella is here, the sky is looking something close to blue, and people have been spotted with ice lollies during their lunch break. After extensive research, this can mean only one thing…summer is coming! Even if you haven’t got a festival weekend booked, there’s nothing stopping you from imitating that rebellious, indie and free spirit style. What better way than a slogan tee!

There’s a slogan out there for everyone. ‘One of dad’s favourite bands’  makes for an alternative print, a neon nod to Californian shores puts some colour out there, and a cute speech bubble lends itself to everyday wear. 


1.Inspire Black Contrast California T-Shirt, £7.99
2.Inspire White Beatles T-Shirt, £14.99
3.Inspire Turquoise Hell Burnout T-Shirt, £9.99

4.Inspire Blue Paisley Print Border Maxi, £19.99
5.Black Zigzag Tassel Bib Necklace, £12.99
6.Monochrome Contrast Triple Layer Spike Necklace, £7.99
7.Black and Gold Round Frame Sunglasses, £4.99
8.Wide Fit Black Chunky Flatform Gladiator Sandals, £19.99
9.Inspire Pink Floral Print Shorts, £14.99
10.Inspire Navy High Waisted Denim Shorts, £17.99
11.Inspire Black Plain Tassel Hem Kimono, £19.99

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