Mens: Tropic Thunder

April 10, 2014


Popping To Hawaii isn’t as common a phrase as nipping to the cornershop for some crisps. But luckily for us, a paradise print is moving abroad to our own wardrobe shores. Long gone are the goofy days of Ace Ventura parading around in an oversized tropical shirt, as the style has been stemmed for a new scene. Expect kaleidoscope floral prints, luminous and magnetic colours, all of which caters for the everyday…or adventurous personalities in mind.



1. Black Tropical Floral Print T-Shirt, £14.99
2. Gold and Brown Pilot Sunglasses, £5.99
3. Black Hawaiian Print Belt, £7.99
4. Grey Leather-Look Lace Up Boots, £19.99
5. Black Skinny Jeans, £17.99

1. Navy Stripe Trim Bomber Jacket, £24.99
2. Grey Contrast Floral Pocket T-Shirt, £8.99
3. Black Canvas Lace Up Trainers, £7.99
4. Black Hawaiian Print Chino Shorts, £19.99

1. White Palm Print Short Sleeve Shirt, £14.99
2. Brown Leopard Print Round Sunglasses, £5.99
3. Blue Contrast Floral Print Turn Up Chino Shorts, £19.99
4. Cream Plain Espadrilles, £7.99
5. Stone Canvas Multi Pocket Rucksack, £19.99

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