Plus Size: Blazer Days

May 30, 2014

Blazers are no longer resigned to just a formal feel for life, as pattern, print, and bold colours have officially broken the blazer mould. From expressionist florals, monochrome edge, bold colour attitude to bohemian bliss, a touch of tailoring has never looked so synced in with summer.



Inspire Blue Tile Print Waterfall Blazer, £29.99
Inspire Black Floral Print Skorts, £14.99
Wide Fit Black Cut Out Chunky Peep Toe Heels, £27.99
Inspire White Floral Waterfall Blazer, £29.99
Mint Green Raised Flower Clutch, £12.99
Blue Beaded Pendant Rope Necklace, £12.99
Inspire Red Crepe Blazer, £26.99
Inspire White Daisy Necklace Trim Shell Top, £22.99
Nude Patent Square Cut Out Pointed Heels, £19.99
Inspire Dark Blue Triple Button High Waisted Skirt, £16.99
Samya Blue Fairisle Print Blazer, £35.00
Inspire Light Blue Faded Denim Shirt, £19.99
Inspire White Vintage Tropical Lilt Print Vest Top, £14.99
Gold Filigree Pendant Tassel Necklace, £5.99

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