Plus Size: A Girly Garden Party

May 12, 2014

One of summer’s many luxuries is the busy outdoor social calendar. From picnics to BBQs, festivals to first dates, every day is an excuse to dress up in our eyes. With fruity colour, ditsy fever and tongue-in-chic accessories making their name this season, this guide gives you a cocktail of all those style ingredients.  Park life has never been prettier.



Inspire Yellow Lace Insert Floral Shell Top
, £17.99
Inspire Cream Floral Print Jacquard T-Shirt, £19.99
Lemon Fruit Slice Clutch, £9.99
Lovedrobe White Frill Sleeve Floral Print Dress, £40.00
Inspire Pink Rose Print V-Neck Waist Dress, £14.99
Stone Straw Contrast Trim Tote Bag, £19.99
Wide Fit Neon Pink Chunky Platform Peep Toe Heels, £27.99
Wide Fit Black Leather Gladiator Cork Wedges, £34.99
Inspire Red Contrast Collar Floral Print Skater Dress, £22.99
Inspire Black Sleeveless Floral Print Contrast Collar Skater Dress, £22.99

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mrs l power, 13, May, 2014. 08:01 am

would like to know why you rotate so often as I purchased a play suit but was then hospitalised for two/weeks when I tried it on when I came out it was far to big ,so I took it back to the shop but there were none left so I went on your website and there were only large ones in some stores but not all this was no good to me .SO I now have a size 18 playsuit that is to big the wedding is in june and I cant find the suit I want

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