On The Radar: Things We Love This Week

June 27, 2014


With Wimbledon and Glastonbury taking charge this weekend, this the perfect excuse for BBQs, parties in the park, and soaking up the summer buzz with friends. Check out a few of our alternative picks from the social calendar too, if doing things differently is your thing...

Animal Instinct
Dismissing the myth that we outgrow ‘old school’ days out, London Zoo is keeping their gates open late into the Friday nights this summer. With an ‘adults only’ admission, it’s the perfect chance for a nostalgic evening…butterfly face painting and silly selfies near the lion enclosure is top of our list, of course.

Oh So Ombre
Why settle for one hair tone when you can master two!? Ombre hair has become a summer obsession, and celebs can’t get enough of the blonde and brunette hair friendship. Grunge and glam, it’s the perfect shade for the festival season.

And I’m Flamin’ Good
With the World Cup, Wimbledon, and Glastonbury highlights taking over our TV, there’s no better time to rally around some friends to catch the action while tucking into some delicious grub. If you’re miffed to not be at the festival, fear not, simply create a scaled down version in your garden…Lana Del Ray on ITunes along with a chicken skewer…sorted!

Dusty Dimensions
With the hit and miss weather, a coat that ticks both conditions is a must…introducing The Duster. Oversized but impeccably tailored, it’s a light and breezy alternative to the trench. Try a pastel or nude shade, as we don’t want to look overly keen for Autumn yet, do we?

Rainbow Road Block
London is set to be coloured by Gay Pride this weekend. With a flamboyant parade to watch, live music by Trafalgar Square, and parties in all the parks, this is a celebration that encourages everyone to join in with. Why not release your inner Gaga!?

Orange Is The New Black
The juiciest of colours has come out to play this summer, with orange instantly firing up an outfit to fit all occasions. Spice up a prom or occasion skater dress, and even bring neon qualities to crochet and bohemian vibes in time for the festivals. Rusty orange shades are all the rage!

On The Run
The power couple of the music industry, Beyonce and Jay Z, kicked off their joint tour last night. Putting lift domestics aside (where was Trisha or Jeremy Kyle at the time!?), the new Bonnie & Clyde received rave reviews. Roll on their UK residency!

A Fedora For You
The little tailored touches are cementing looks this summer. Stealing the style of detectives and Amish folk, we’ve fallen for the fedora. Perfect at festivals, parties, days out, oh and nights out too…okay so a fedora just looks good anywhere! This burgundy hat is a particular fave in the office.

Glastonbury, the mother of all festivals, embarks on Worthy Farm this weekend, bringing all that bohemian free spirit that the festival is famed for. Don’t feel to jealous though if you’re not there, as it’s practically guaranteed to be a mud bath by the time Dolly Parton performs. If you’re watching the highlights on TV, just don’t laugh (too much) at the crowd of ponchos. Check out our guide HERE.


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