Beauty: Aqua Hair

July 11, 2014




News just in – highlights just don’t cut it anymore.

When it comes to hair trends, it’s often been a simple case of lighter, sun-bleached locks for summer before autumn brings an influx of mahogany tones and red for a warmer appeal. But it seems that the spectrum has expanded, exploding with a big bang of rainbow colour with the likes of bubblegum pink even making the esteemed pages of Vogue no less. Whereas once upon a time an unusual hair color like green, pink or blue automatically earned you an unfavourable label, vivid shades are all the rage with a host of famous faces taking the lead in the colour stakes..

Whilst pinks and lilacs are super feminine, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that the oceanic appeal of aqua has risen up the ranks to take the pastel hair crown with the likes of Nicole Richie, Kylie Jenner and Demi Lovato evoking a wild mermaid feel. Not forgetting tresses-temptress Vanessa Hudgens (the same girl who dyed her hair a mix of blonde and red last year to match Autumn’s changing leaves) injecting blues and greens into her ombre style for the festival season. Truth be told, aquatic locks have even made their way to the NL Daily office making it official – this is a trend to get behind.

From all over hues to dip-dyed ends, here’s an edit of those living the life aquatic right now…




Mint Green Rose Garland Bun Hairband, £3.99

Silver and Blue Embellished Necklace, £14.99

Silver Dreamcatcher Drop Earrings, £2.99

Green Compact Textured Shoulder Bag, £9.99



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