Style Profile: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

August 14, 2014




For so many years Joseph Gordon Levitt remained under the radar, focusing strictly on his craft, to find himself at the heart of the indie film industry whilst also knocking at the door of the some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood. He’s come a long way since his days as a casually dressed extra-terrestrial on “3rd Rock from the Sun”, a gawky teen dream in a pair of ill-fitting jeans and hair that would safely disguise him at the back of Hanson, to the dapper tailored-gent he is today.

Here is his style profile:



Grey Check Handkerchief Trim Suit Jacket £54.99

Grey Tailored Check Waistcoat £19.99

Grey Check Tailored Trousers £24.99

Blue Check Long Sleeve Shirt £17.99

Blue Gingham Contrast Grandad Collar Long Sleeve Shirt £19.99

Blue Faded Skinny Jeans £24.99

Black Plain Tie £4.99

Grey Slim Fit Turn Up Chinos £10.00

Dark Red Buckle Belt £7.99

Black Leather Lace Up Derby Shoes £39.99


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