We Meet... The Pierces

September 1, 2014




If The Pierces have slipped under your radar thus far, trust us, you’re in for a treat.

Fourteen years on from their self-titled debut album "The Pierces", the Alabama born and raised sister duo are back with their fifth studio album Creation, released today (September 1), all soaring honey-sweet harmonies with a darker, folk twang. A self-confessed “indie Abba”, there is an undeniable warmth to their latest offering, awash with breezy summer charm that they owe to their new L.A. digs. "Being there must have affected our sound. Living in California feels like being on vacation the whole time," says Allison, the brooding brunette to her elfin blonde sister Catherine.

Taking note of Stevie Nicks resplendent stage presence, all sheer fabrics blowing to the wind, to the understated beauty of Joni Mitchell, these girls reflect the music they perform whilst adding notes of contemporary cool. If you hadn’t noticed, we’re besotted not only with their gorgeous melodic pop but with their effortless bohemian feel. With that in mind, we just had to find out more.

We sat down with Catherine to receive the lowdown on Creation, their sisterly style and the inspiration behind her ridiculously good fringe…




Listen to their latest single “Creation” here


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