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Unexpected 90s On-Screen Icons

Forget Cher Horowitz and Buffy, this season we’re loving the unexpected style icons of the 90s. From The Matrix’s Trinity to Edward Scissorhands’ Joyce, draw sartorial inspiration from cult characters famed for their offbeat charm. 


A far cry from the vanity of her friend Angela, Jane in American Beauty is portrayed as a shy and reserved teen that has low-self esteem. Looking to battle against what is ordinary, the movie challenges the idea of conforming to the norm and Jane is the embodiment of that. She might not be Cher Horowitz, but her 90s style is more relevant than ever- contrast stripes, jersey hoodies and raglan tees were her staples throughout.  



Released on the cusp of the millennium, The Matrix conjured up images of a futuristic world. Trinity’s dystopian ensembles created a hardwearing mood, with leather-on-leather looks seemingly the attire for the alternative world filled with streams of neon green computer code. She redefined the idea of cool in the late 90s, and her penchant for patent fabrics are just as relevant this season- think ankle boots, wet-look leggings and sleek black bodies.



Amongst Miss Honey’s preppy ensembles and Miss Trunchbull’s utilitarian get-up, Zinnia Wormwood’s kooky dress sense is giving us style goals this season. Her character might not have portrayed  the most suitable of adoptive mothers, but her love for her appearance and her lack of fear when it came to clashing colours, wild prints and plenty of bling meant she was film’s certified fashionista. We’re talking leopard prints, striking shades (especially red) and those signature curls, all tied together with a printed bandana.




A lonely housewife and seductress that will stop at nothing to get what she wants, Joyce Monroe is a neighbour that’s not to be messed with in Edward Scissorhands. Director Tim Burton may have sculpted the pastel town to emphasise the uniformity of it’s inhabitants, but Joyce stands out from the crowd as an independent woman who leads the crowd. Her style is sculpted, yet sultry- she is a fan of figure-hugging pieces finished with feminine elements. Pops of bubblegum pink make way for fresh mint separates and she’s never without her statement pair of oversized earrings and that zesty tangerine hair. 



Okay, so Beetlejuice might have been released in 1988, but it’s fashion had immeasurable influences on 90s dressing at the time. Forget Beetlejuice’s liquorice-striped suit and Lydia’s goth girl vibes, mother-figure Delia is by far the chicest character. A dilettante who is adventurous with her style and expensive in her taste, she’s almost always seen in abstract ensembles that look as if they’re straight off the designer racks. Think mannish striped shirts, statement geometric earrings and sleek LBDs, always completed with a slick of red lipstick. 



It’s rare to find a pair of sartorially co-ordinated  killers, but Mickey and Mallory Knox fit the bill with veritable ease. On their rampage across America, Mallory sports a series of statement looks from tonal ensembles to graphic printed florals, all complimented with a variety of different hairstyles. Let her be your dysfunctional 90s icon with her eclectic wardrobe and fickle approach to fashion.  

31341 Photo Credit: Getty, Tumblr



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