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Your Workout Playlist with Drumsound and Bassline Smith

Drumsound and Bassline Smith are household names in the UK's bass music scene, delivering high-energy, bass-driven club tracks for 18 years. With number 1 UK Dance Chart singles and their 10 Years of Technique album reaching the top spot on the BBC Rado 1 and 1Xtra chart, the guys have successfully delivered underground sounds to the mainstream with ease. On top of this, they enjoy regular plays on the main UK stations with consistent support from the likes of Mistajam, Annie Nightingale and Annie Mac.

Now, with the release of the Technique Recordings 2016 Annual on 9th December, the trio are once again championing all the exciting acts that call Technique Recordings home. The guys clearly know how to get you pumped so we couldn't think of anyone better to provide us with a playlist of tracks perfect for your workout, as we proudly unveil the first pieces from our New Look Men Sport range. Check out their selections below, get yourself a copy of their latest LP and keep those eyes peeled for more exciting news around our brand new activewear range.

Best track for your way to the gym to get you in the zone.

Children Of Zeus - Still Standing (Lenman Remix)

Motivational track that aways get you in the mood!

A track to get you warmed up and ready for your workout.

Dimension - UK

This has a skanking beat, perfect for doing a warming up session. Time to get the mind & body locked in!

What track would you want to come on when you’re starting to break a sweat?

The Prototypes - Rocket Guns Blazing

This is just intense and frantic all at the same time - which is just how we feel at this point in a workout. 

Hill climb incoming, what should we listen to?

Break - Who Got Da Funk

You'll be bouncing up the hill to this.

What tune willl make you push through a pain wall?

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Shutdown

Now its time to get serious & get our “BASS FACE” on!! Perfect track for this!

Give us a track that will help us lift bigger...

Tantrum Desire - Pump ( Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)

This track gives us that little extra to go beyond failure and really get those “Gains”!


You're getting your boxing gloves on, what's gonna help you lay a KO.

Prolix - Danger

No messing around here - Pure Danger! 

Time to jump on your bike for a quick sprint, what's going to get those legs spinning?

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - I’m Gone Feat BullySongs

Should do the job...

You're nearly done, what tune will chill you out for the cool down?

Document One - Jazz Club

Chilling - Chillax - Chilled! 

You've finished your workout, what tune are you celebrating with?

Friction - All Nite 

This one makes us feel good, like we can go on & on and on and on!

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