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6 Male Movie Stars to Channel This Party Season

In the history of cinema, we all have our favourite male movie characters that exude suave tendencies to the point where we’ve been itching to emulate them. With party season on the way, we’re looking at the most stylish characters to grace the silver screen with their slick suits and undeniable sartorial savvy. 

Gatsby is pretty much a buzzword when it comes to ideas for a themed party and the decadent, sparkling 1920s world was forever immortalised in Fitzgerald’s film adaptation starring Leonardo Dicaprio in 2013. From pastel separates reminiscent of lazy days in the Hamptons to lightweight suits composed of linen, Jay Gatsby’s ensembles are a structured façade masking his inner turmoil- and it’s a stylish one at that.



Bullitt may be almost 50 years old, but protagonist Frank’s fashion choices are a testament to his timeless style. Steve McQueen embodies the nonchalantly dressed anti-hero detective who floats between clean-cut preppy silhouettes with hints of modern flare- all without trying, of course. 



He might not have been a good guy, but Scarface’s Tony Montana can be revered for his sense of style. A self-made man with an aggressive nature when it comes to power, his pinstripe suits and crisp white two pieces were always left without a tie as a symbol of his rule-breaking antics.  



Forget his later reclusive years, Howard Hughes was the coolest cat in Hollywood from the 1930s onwards and Dicaprio’s portrayal of the highly successful entrepreneur saw a plethora of outfits that proved the perfectionist in Hughes. Carefully crafted suits and tonal aviation gear were just a glimpse of his ensembles that oozed the ultimate in sophistication. 



The second helping of loveable bad guys on our list comes in the form of siblings Ronnie and Reggie Kray, played by the talented Tom Hardy in Legend. Both brothers kept their individual style with contrasting coloured ensembles, but kept it clean cut with slicked back hair and double breasted jackets.



Who’d have thought Roger Thornhill was a man on the run with those sharply tailored suits? He might have been wrongly accused in North By Northwest, but there’s no mistaking his guilty pleasure for all things structured. We’re wishing we were as put together as Cary Grant’s character. 

35096 Photo Credit: blaber.pl, listal, Tribeca Film Festival, Shortlist, fansshare, altfg

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