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An Interview With The Erised

A collective hailing from the Ukraine, The Erised are taking the world by storm with their elegant electronica. The four piece band already debuted their album Room 414 this summer and look set to continue their success with the release of new single Even If; the video we’re exclusively premiering below. Read on as we chat with the band about fashion inspiration, style-savvy cities and trends they’d rather forget. 



 What’s the one trend you followed that you wish you hadn’t?
I was never a fan of tattoos, but there you go – now I have them. Not only one. 
Daniel: I don't regret anything; regrets are for losers! Every trend I was following, accidently or on purpose, changed me somehow -- in a better way. And this is a huge part of our evolution, isn’t it?
Aleksandr: I’d never follow a trend I don't like.
Igor: Same here, I never regret trends. I mean, I don’t follow them. I remember the time back to my early youth – kids were crazy about emo-style, dyeing their hair pink. And I can’t say I was one of them. 

What trend would you like to bring back?
Daniel: I need nothing from the past, all the best trends are in the future. 
Aleksandr: There are some trends that come to my mind, that I would never want to bring back: like all those bling-bling necklaces and fur coats. We don't need them in the 21st century.
Igor: I would be happy if those audio cassettes would come back now. There is something in listening to music that way, I bet.
Sonya: Сan we bring back bell bottom jeans? They were terrific! 

If you were sent to a deserted island, what 10 things would you pack?
Daniel: I’d invite Bear Grylls to that island along with me. 
Aleksandr: Can I pack my family and take them all with me?! What else – loads of literature.
Igor: A Ramones t-shirt, my guitar and this book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, by Dale Carnegie. 



What current trends do you not understand?
Daniel:  A huge thing that is going on in Ukrainian music today: if you write your stuff in English, they say it's not Ukrainian. If you want to be a big thing here, you gotta follow the rule: sing in Ukrainian. Which is ok, but music is always bigger than just a language. 

And the ones you’re really feeling?
Sonya: Music is trending currently in Ukraine. The country produces a lot of cool music, you will hear it soon, no matter where you are. 
Aleksandr: What else, I am really into tattoos, and I guess we all are. 

How has working in music affected your style?
Sonya: A lot in a good way, I guess. I reached the point when I began to look the way I always wanted to look, and not the way society wanted me to.
Igor: Being part of The Erised made me realise that all of my body will soon be covered with tattoos.
Daniel: I guess a lot. The more gigs you play, the more time you spend standing in front of the wardrobe before leaving to grab a beer with your folks.  
Aleksandr: It has changed. And it has been changing a lot every day -- but god knows how exactly.



You’re from Ukraine, what differences do you see in the style choices of Ukrainians and the British?
Daniel: I’d say people in the UK pay way more attention to all the details compared to us. Their style is kind of overtly rebellious and I guess people are not afraid of showing off. In our case, we’d rather cover and hide - subtly rebellious. This is a part of our mentality, I guess.   
Igor: That time we arrived in Gatwick, I was amazed, even a homeless dude had his own style in Britain. People don't give a damn, and this nihilism gives birth to uniqueness in the way those people look. 
Aleksandr: See, in Ukraine you can use a word “style” only towards young people. In Britain people, no matter how old they are, want to look a certain way. They express their unique style, regardless of external factors. 
Sonya:  Personally, I see no huge difference. I assume it's a trend of today – no matter where you are, you can set a trend that will go viral and global. People do it in the UK, people do it in Ukraine.  

You’ve played in a huge amount of cities, who has the best style for you?
Igor: I’d say London and Kyiv. London – we got it. Kyiv’s youth, on the other hand, is developing its own style rapidly, which is awesome. This is the thing we do in music.
Sonya: Undoubtedly, London
Daniel:  … On the first sight our music may seem dark and gloomy, which is well-suited to the London weather. But when we play our live shows Sonya is never afraid to exuberate light; demonstrating every emotional and bright detail of our music. Now this is well-suited to London.  
Aleksandr: New-York, Hong-Kong, London and Scandinavian cities. 

How would you describe your style?
Daniel: It’s like a Kanye West, but also not. 
Aleksandr: I never follow one style only. My style is a mix of grunge, hip-hop and military. 
Igor: I need only two words to describe it: ‘delicate’ and  ‘woollen’.

Where do you get style inspiration from?
Daniel: There is plenty of music in things we see, in every moment of our life, particularly in the movies. I am a huge fan of David Lynch and Tim Burton.  
Aleksandr: I regularly find my inspiration through music and sports.
Sonya: I’m trying to draw my inspiration from life itself, incorporating all of its dark and colourful emotions. 

 You can buy Room 414 HERE.

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