10th February 2017—Womens

An Interview with Hannah Holland

With over a decade of DJing and producing under her belt, including shows at the likes of Berlin's Berghain, New York's Loft and even Glastonbury last year, Hannah Holland knows a thing or two about getting the dancefloor moving. 

Now, with the release of her latest track, 'Fade to Me' featuring Josh Caffe, on Crosstown Rebels on February 10th, Hannah is kicking on in 2017 in big style. To give the prolific tastemaker a break from the studio, we thought we'd chat wardrobe decisions. From trend regrets to desert island essentials, we run through Hannah's key sartorial decisions over the years.

What’s the one trend you followed that you wish you hadn’t?

Aged 16 i had my tongue pierced, it was the thing in the late 90s. 

What trend would you like to bring back?

Buffalo. Experimental, bold and fierce. 

If you were sent to a deserted island, what 10 things would you pack?

1. Sun tan lotion, I don’t wanna burn out there, no need for a bikini though.

2. Shades, of course + googles so i can hang out with the tropical fish.

3. An acoustic guitar.

4. Drums, always wanted to learn, so a perfect chance. 

5. Cooking utensils, i guess ill need those pots and pans to cook my fresh fish and wild pig.

6. A trumpet, ill make up my own island anthem.

7. A deck chair to chill.

8. Kindle, with as many books as possible - but i guess that would run out of batteries, so ill just take a blank book and pen to make up my own stories. 

9. Over sized t shirts & shorts, for day to day activity of finding food and shelter and playing all my instruments.

10. Sandles to keep my feet from getting mashed up when doing said things. 

What trends out there at the moment do you not understand?

The plastic surgery / face injecting trend.

And the ones you’re really feeling?

Afro Punk

How has working in music effected your style?

I’m on show behind the decks, so i tend to wear band t-shirts im into. 

Best-dressed peer/ colleague? 

Josh Caffe. DJ / vocalist and incredibly stylish. 

How would you describe your style?

Tom boy chic. 

Where do you get style inspiration from?

Skinheads, teds, 90’s ravers, 80s New York, Neneh Cherry. 

Any tips for anyone trying to develop their own style?

Be yourself!

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