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Bloggers Spill Their Secrets on Coloured Hair

As much as we try and remain positive with a new year and a fresh start, January can be a pretty drab year. Changing up your look can be the perfect way to break out of the rut and here at New Look, we’re loving statement hair colours. Want to switch shades but not sure where to start? We’ve been chatting to blogging hair chameleons who have all the tips on styling and maintenance. 


Charlotte Hole of CH32.co.uk is a former Art, Fashion and Photography student turned blogger and frequent traveller. She’s giving us tips on how to maintain bleached hair.
"I absolutely love using coconut oil on my hair! It's been my holy grail product whilst travelling too, my hair soaks the oil up really nicely, leaving it looking shiny & feeling fab! If you have a few hours or even a night to spare, I recommend smothering your hair in the oil and wrapping it in cling film or a shower cap to give your hair a real deep condition! I always do a coconut oil mask the night before I get my roots bleached too."

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Dublin-based full-time blogger and student Leanne, spills all on her low key hair routine: 
“I'm pretty low-maintenance with my hair; I use a volume shampoo, conditioner and a spray that does a million things at once (condition, detangles, primes etc). Other than those products, I use very little else - maybe dry shampoo every other day if my hair is greasy. Colour-wise, I go to Peter Mark in Dublin and I always get a red undertone in my colour as it suits my eyes and complexion best.”

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Famed for her tangerine locks, Scottish fashion and lifestyle blogger Betty has gone from starting a pop up vintage shop to becoming a freelance Events and PR consultant, Betty’s giving us the low down on how to give your colour staying power. 
“There's nothing like a new year that makes you want to feel like a new you, and what better place to start than your hair? I've never felt more like myself since I dyed my hair orange over five years ago, but that doesn't mean I don't like to experiment! Every two months I head to my local salon saviours #BLOW for my Manic Panic top up. They keep my hair in good nick by coating me in protecting products before mixing up a custom colour that's all my own. From pastel peach, blood orange to my signature tangerine dream, I've tried them all and kept the colour following these top tips. 
1. Dont wash it! Train your hair to only need washed once a week, it's easier than it sounds I swear! Experiment with different styles and be patient with it! 
2. Dry shampoo! Find one that really works for your hair. 
3. The right products. Think of it the same way as cost per wear, if you are only washing your hair once a week, you best find the products that really work for you. If your hair starts to lack it's lustre, put some of your colour in with your conditioner and wrap your hair in a towel. Once washed out and dried you'll be feeling back to your mermaid self again! ”

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County Durham-based blogger Jemma Wade is a freelance artist and t-shirt maker with seriously enviable hair. She’s giving us all the tips on keeping your locks healthy. 
“For starters I a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner! It's an absolute dream for keeping the colour in a little longer than usual! It's also important to use a hair mask based on your hair type around once a week to keep it looking beaut- I normally use a budget deep conditioner. After washing my hair I apply anti frizz serum which gives my hair a healthy glow! and of course the obvious things like having a trim every 6 weeks and only applying conditioner to the ends of your hair (you'd be surprised at how many people don't know this).”

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Fashion blogger and social media gal Paige Calvert uses her bright red locks as a staple look. She’s giving us pointers on how to maintain a vibrant look.
“A big part of my look is my hair, and the vibrant colour. This year I really want to push the brightness with some extra pink shades and I love using conditioning treatments with added colour To keep my colour vibrant I mix a bowl of conditioner with equal parts of colour (about a tablespoon amount of each) and coat it all over my hair. It not only conditions my hair but leaves it bright and happy again. If you want to change your hair locks for the new year then don't fear the damage, plenty can be done to help your hair on it's way to a brighter shade. As long as you keep up your routine of care then you can achieve a new look. Refresh it every couple of weeks to maintain the intense shades, or let it wash out to a pastel if you are going lighter. Have fun in 2017, now is the time to experiment.” 

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Norfolk-based hairdresser and fashion influencer Hannah Allinson is giving us her tips on how to give fresh life to coloured hair by styling it. 

“I colour my hair around every eight weeks which I do at work (being a hairdresser has its perks) and I wash and style it once a week with the help of dry shampoo of course. I use repair cream and oil primer when it's damp, then let it air dry. When it's all dry I'll curl it with a curling wand spraying hair spray after I've curled each section. Once it's all curled I'll let it cool down then comb it all out and smooth it all down using my dry remedy oil.”

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