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An Interview with DC Breaks

2016 was quite the year for RAM Records' DC Breaks with a slew of high-profile single releases, including a collaboration with the mighty Prolix. Having developed a sound that spans the chart-catered anthems to the dancefloor-filling bangers, DC Breaks have built a solid reputation as one of the more eclectic artists in the scene and their busy show schedule is proof of their growing popularity. 

Now, as we say goodbye to the first month of 2017, the boys are readying for their slot at the behemoth show of Rampage in Antwerp - a 15,000 strong rave in the goliath venue of Sportpaleis -  as well as the release of their debut album. Not only that, one half of the duo, Dan, is trying to juggle the responsibilities of being a new dad - no mean feat! But today we thought we'd give the boys a break from the studio and have a chat about some of their sartorial decisions and tastes. 

What’s the one trend you followed that you wish you hadn’t?

I’m not consciously following a trend but at the moment I’m trying to grow my hair long for the first time in my life! It’s a pretty painful process as it looks a bit shit quite a lot of the time (like right now for instance) and I frequently want to just cut it all off and go back to having short hair, hopefully it will be worth the pain - eventually…

What trend would you like to bring back ?

Flared trousers.

If you were sent to a deserted island, what 10 things would you pack?

Red wine, the complete collection of Asterix, War & Peace, Logical Progression 1, Football, Guitar, telescope, rubber ring, fishing rod, barbecue

What trends out there at the moment do you not understand?

I wear a baseball cap quite a lot (helps when growing your hair out!) but at the moment I can’t understand the trend in ‘Dad Hats’, they’re just shapeless, slightly floppy, almost like they are supposed to look intentionally shit - I just don’t get it!

And the ones you’re really feeling?

Beards are cool, although I read recently that apparently on the way out? Now to try and grow one, haha!

How has working in music/ the rave scene effected your style?

We grew up in London in the late 90s and went to a lot of jungle & dnb raves - back then it was very very loud, patterned skinny Moschino jeans, Nike trainers chains and a cap. I don’t think I can get away with those kind of jeans and I don’t wear jewellery so much now but the rest is pretty much the same!

Best-dressed peer?

Friction - polar neck and fur jacket combo at the DnBa awards was gold. Obviously been hanging out with Grimmy too much.

How would you describe your music’s style?

Ooooh that’s tough, since we tend to cover so many different styles.  People perhaps know us best for harder tracks like Gambino and Lock In, but there’s a huge musical side to us as well.  I dunno, whatever we do, we like it to have balls basically haha!

Where do you get musical inspiration from?

Wherever I guess.  There’s no specific areas.  It can be a film sample, a chord sequence you hear somewhere, a synth preset, perhaps doing a remix for someone which then turns into a new tune, grabbing old ideas that never made the grade and reworking them into something new - there’s definitely no shortage of things to be inspired by, you just have to always keep an eye out and keep an open mind.

Any tips for anyone trying to develop their own style?

Less is more.  The fewer sounds in your track the clearer the musical message, if you like, is going to be.  And the better your sounds which you have crafted are going to stand out and be recognisable as your sound.  We also stopped grabbing every new plugin that was released a few years ago, and decided that if we use the ones we like the most then our sound will be more controlled and defined.  Work with what you got, don’t try and force something that’s just not ‘you’.

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