25th January 2017—Mens

Trend Report: Eastern Promise

This year is all about that sportswear vibe. From the most high end brand interpretations to retro classics making a comeback, street and sportswear is being given a sophisticated makeover. Our Eastern Promise take on this draws inspiration from the classic 90s brands we all know and love and the contemporary runway adaptations we’ve seen at all the major shows over the past couple of years. Here we show you how to nail this season’s key look, breaking it down piece by piece.

Track Tops & Trousers

First let’s start with the obvious and staple piece to this trend. Track tops and track suits are crucial to this look. Harking back to the Brit Pop heyday, track tops are an ideal layering piece for under thicker outerwear when it’s cold and as a top layer for when you’re indoors. Don’t be afraid to wear matching trousers, just make sure you really go for a formal approach on the rest of your outfit…



High Necks

Which brings us nicely onto the next point. Both stylish and functional, roll, turtle and funnel necks are a key layering element to this look. Ideal for keeping you warm but also adding a touch more formality to the out and out sportswear pieces, this is the easiest way to step away from the scruffy sports look and into a more considered and contemporary style.


Printed Sweats

Another throwback to the times of 90s Garage raves, sweatshirts are sure to be a common go-to over the coming months. Try layering a longline tee underneath to add more interest to the piece and pair with some light wash or indigo slim fit jeans with your cuffs turned up to complete the look. To give it a smarter edge, opt for a smarter piece of outerwear like an overcoat or plain mac.


Military Outerwear

Military outerwear has long been a staple in a guy’s wardrobe and this season is no different. Bombers are the main piece here but overcoats are also a great go-to to smarten up outfits. Try your roll neck under your track top with a bomber over the top. Finish with some distressed denim or, to keep it very contemporary, try our next piece…



The stigma of wearing joggers in public is fading rapidly. We’d suggest going for more tailored options if possible, they need to fit well and not be too baggy – we’re not after an MC Hammer look here. These are great for pairing with some plain white trainers, a tailored bomber and your roll neck. Comfortable yet stylish.


Finish it Off

It’s impossible to ignore the colder temperatures at this time of year and it’s a great chance to incorporate some choice accessories. Try a retro sports-style scarf or some textured headwear to keep you warm and complete the look.


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