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Meet Our Fitness Bloggers

Looking for some inspiration to kick start that ‘New Year, new you’ feeling? We’re teaming up with three amazing ladies who will be guest blogging for us throughout January, with their workout tips and irresistible recipes. Before that we sat down with Adrienne Herbert, Fab Giovanetti, AJ Odudu and Kim Hartwell to chat about cheat meals, motivation for early morning exercise and how their keep fit journey began.


Tell us a bit about yourselves
Adrienne: “I am a personal trainer and fitness blogger. I absolutely love music so I always workout with a playlist.”
Fab:  “My name is Fab - for real - and I am a beefcake in the making, as well as Peanut Butter connoisseur. I write about my journey as a visionary entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry, as well as an hyperactive girlfriend and adorable doofie. Writer, health coach, PT in training and boss lady for the Health Bloggers Community.”
Kim: “Hi I’m Kim. I’m a personal trainer, fitness instructor, model and wellness blogger based in London. I’m all about keeping the energy high and kicking some serious workout butt. ”
AJ: I'm AJ, a Lancashire lass living in London and like many people, I don’t like just one thing. I like lots of things! So I present a music show on 4Music, I DJ, I hop my way around London doing fitness classes (not literally) and I have my little space on the internet documenting my love affairs with fitness, music and fashion, fusing the worlds of work and well-being together and sharing my London (and sometimes global) escapades.


Where did your interest in fitness stem from?
Kim: “I’ve always loved sport since I was a kid, I’m such a tom boy. I used to play basketball for Surrey when I was in high school. I’ve always been a keen little fitness bean from a young age. I love how amazing exercising can make you feel and how much it can empower you as a person. The wonderful thing is that no matter what your shape or size, it's never too late to start getting into healthy habits.”
AJ: "In school I was never the cool kid or clever cloggs so I figured sport was something I tried to be good at to fit in. Although I never won any medals or trophies, getting into school sports teams was great socially and it continued into my adulthood. When I moved to London eight years ago I didn't know anyone and used fitness classes as a way of making friends. I loved it so much that I became qualified in Personal Training. I continue to enjoy the social aspects of keeping fit: in fact, working out with friends is my biggest motivation."
Fab: “It's definitely a combination of health and overall mental wellbeing. As someone who has been struggling with mental illness - not to mention a rather stressful job - I find in fitness a way to centre myself. Plus, I focus mainly on functional fitness as it's easier to quantify and define results.”
Adrienne:” I've always loved sports, but I also loved dance. I trained for six years at a dance school and I performed in musicals in London's West End. Being active had always been a part of my life but now I train my body in a different way.”

Anyone in the fitness industry motivating you?
Adrienne: “So many people in the fitness industry motivate me! I often train with my friends as they push me to work harder. I'm also incredible inspired by athletes such as Jessica Ennis Hill.”
Fab: “Plenty of people to be honest, including friends such as Melissa Weldon (@melissaweldonuk) the one and only Hazel Wallace (thefoodmedic) and Alice Liveing (cleaneatingalice). As corny as it may sound, when you know someone and they are, genuinely, astonishingly nice people, seeing their progress and hard work is even more inspiring.”
AJ: "So many people. Bloggers, athletes and friends inspire me. Hannah Brofman, Perrie-Shakes Drayton, Damn Kelly Holmes Dina Asher Smith, Anya Lahari, Jessica Skye, my fellow campaign sisters Adrienne and Kim...I could go on and on and on."
Kim: “So many! Too many to name. Not least the bad ass fitness babes Adrienne and AJ that I have the privilege of modelling next to in the NL campaign!”


 From left to right: Adrienne, AJ, Fab and Kim

Ultimate cheat meal?
Kim: “Sweet stuff! I’m a sucker for anything caramel or toffee related (or fudge for that matter - you get the gist!).”
Fab: “I do not call it cheat meal, but more indulgence- pizza.The irony is, I am gluten and dairy intolerant, which means pizza is definitely not a staple in my diet. Depending on whether I make my own alternative, I would have pizza every 1/2 weeks. In my defence I am Italian - stereotyping much?”
Adrienne: “Nutella pancakes! ”
AJ:"I don't do cheat meals as I simply don't consider any food to be "bad". I ban nothing and have something sweet most days. "

Post-workout snack?
Fab: “Gosh, it depends. If I have a shake handy I'd go for a vegan protein shake on the go. Most often, I opt for a protein / carb combo to maximise the post-workout benefits. Eggs on rye bread does it. ”
Kim: “Almond butter and banana”
AJ: "I have a vanilla protein shake made with water. Quick and easy"
Adrienne: “After a workout, I love to make a shake or juice. My favourite at the moment is banana, date and cinnamon.”

Favourite fitness accessory?
"My headphones. I struggle to workout without music."
Adrienne: “My favourite fitness accessory is my headphones! Always gotta have to tunes!”
Fab: “Skipping rope. Best cardio warmup by far - now, if I only I was doing it right! It's all about practise.”
Kim: “My bluetooth power headphones, they are a dreaaaaam for working out with. Music is an incredible source of motivation.”


From left to right: AJ,Fab, Kim and Adrienne 

Advice to motivate yourself for an early morning workout?
“Early morning workouts are actually my favourite! You start the day feeling great, those endorphins really wake you up and boost your mood too. ”
Kim: “Coffee! Haha, just kidding, I love to train in the mornings. It’s such a great way to start your day. Once it’s done, it’s done, you don’t have to think about it again. It also completely kicks your energy into gear from the get go, leaving you with a smile on your face for the rest of the day.”
Fab: “Jeez, that's hard for me to be honest. For anything early morning related, have your bag and clothes ready. Just don't do like me and forget your laptop charger home because you are too tired.”
AJ: "Get up and go before you have any time to procrastinate and talk yourself out of a great workout. Lay your fit kit out the night before for a swift escape from your bed. "

Fave form of workout?
Kim: “Strength/HIIT training, boxing, running & yoga ”
AJ:"Running and HIIT. Running because I usually run outdoors in the morning and catch sunrise which I adore. HIIT because even a short 15-minute workout can be super effective."
Adrienne: “It changes all the time but at the moment I'm really loving running.”
Fab: “Functional fitness and mobility. Strength and conditioning incorporates functional moves and key compound movements (think squats, deadlifts etc)”

Tips for someone on a get-fit mission this Jan?
Fab: “Set incremental goals that span over  3/6 month basis. Review, and make sure you keep challenging yourself. I recommend joining an event or a race if you really need motivation - just remember trail shoes!”
Adrienne: “Make your workouts fun, always play loud music and grab a friend to join you. It's way more fun to train with a friend and you can motivate each other to stay on track.”
Kim: “Don’t try to do too much at once, think of it as a long term investment in you health vs a short term fix. Aim for a balanced lifestyle vs extreme diets or exercise regimes. Then you’re far more likely to stick to it. Above all, enjoy what you do, if you hate something change it. Once you find your groove and like what yore doing the rest will come!” 
AJ:"Don't do it all at once; work on getting into a fitness regime, then work on cutting down on your over indulgences, before working on getting more sleep etc. Going cold turkey is hard and not sustainable. Making small but consistent steps will be better for your long-term fitness and wellbeing goals."


Watch the girls in action below:


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