7th July 2017—Pride

Proud as Punch

As London Pride celebrates its 48th year and the country is preparing for one of the biggest celebrations of the LGBT+ community to date, New Look HQ has been abuzz with Pride spirit. In a show of support for the LGBT+ community, we’re celebrating pride in a fittingly vibrant fashion (excuse the pun).

We’ve given 7 stores across the UK  a makeover with mannequins donning our exclusive Pride T-shirts, featuring lyrics from some of the most iconic LGBT+ anthems; specially designed fly posters and in store screen visuals – all promoting the positivity Pride is known for.


This isn’t a ploy to jump on the bandwagon – we couldn’t be more proud of the LGBT+ community around us and hope this small gesture of support helps to spread the message of equality and show that Love Happens Here.

Our creative designer Jess Bentall and content keeper Steve Cook, tell us more about the Pride campaign and what it means to them. 



“It was a treat to work on a project that is political with a positive message. The fly posting idea came around when we were thinking about the many voices and messages that need to be heard in the community.”

“Each flyer is a representation of the many ways to love and shows diversity in all its beauty. We wanted to create to a visual, peaceful protest. One of my favourites, the eye test poster in particular, questions our ability to see and recognise the LGBT+ community.”

“Love is love, regardless of gender. It should be enjoyed positively.”

Jess Bentall, designer 



In a time when we’re bombarded with bad news on pretty much a daily basis, we loved the idea of basing our Pride campaign around fun lyrics that would make people smile.

We wanted the campaign to be as positive as possible and to resonate with the Pride community. Pop music is so uplifting  - so it just felt right. Of course, the lyrics we chose had to be by pop icons who have been influential in the LGBT+ community, and the lyrics themselves had to mean something. Pop music is a lot more meaningful than people give it credit for!

Love who you love… life is too short.

Steve Cook, content

To get your hands on one of our FREE exclusive and limited edition Pride T-shirts, make sure you head down to 203-207 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2LE on Saturday 8th July from 10am - 12noon. 


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