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An Interview With UZ

As he prepares for his Quality Goods Records  tour that starts in April, we sat down with trap  artist of-the-moment UZ to talk style regrets, fashion influences and his new track Storm. 

First off, how’s 2017 been treating you? Any major highlights so far?
“I've been really busy so far, I've released the first single from my next project, finished a mix for WMC and we just announced the Quality Goods Records North America tour, so yeah – very busy!”

Your track Storm featuring Blow Fever is out March 3rd with some pretty stunning visuals. How long have you been working on the project and what was the concept behind it?
“We've worked with Shift China for some time now, after a tour we started talking about a collaboration between a rapper in their crew- Blow Fever- and myself. I was really stoked to work on this, so I sent a couple of beats and he just did his thing and sent it back. I finished the track and we went on tour in China and perform the track a few times there. We recorded the video on some crazy rooftops and others dope looking places, definitely a great experience. I can't wait for you to see it!”

How has working in music affected your style? How would you describe your own collections?
“Music and fashion have definitely been linked for ages. Punk rock, hip-hop, etc. You can clearly see a lot of rappers like the A$AP crew or Kanye West are heavily influenced and involved in high fashion style. Right now I'm really into things like Gosha Rubchinskiy, what he does with Paccbet, or Japanese brands like Cav Empt. We were definitely influenced by that when we started working on our collection. Also we tried not to just look like a typical DJ merchandise collection, we wanted people to be able to wear it just like a normal street wear brand.”

How would you describe your style? And where do you tend to gain inspiration?
”Mine is a mixture of different styles I guess, definitely street wear and trying not to look similar to anybody! I like layering or concentrating on a really nice piece of gear, like a vest. I'm also really into sneakers, and always have been, so I could just go out wearing an all black outfit with a really colorful pair sneakers. Inspiration comes from the internet, blogs, but also in the streets - people, skaters... you really see cool things happening on the streets.”

What’s the one trend you followed that you wish you hadn’t in the past?
“Back in the days, the baggy pants! We sure looked weird in those things.”

 Check out his tour dates HERE


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