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Exclusive Interview with Camo & Krooked

Few artists are pioneers of their trade like Camo & Krooked. Their three LP releases have seen a huge development in their sound which has led to their now trademark style. With the exciting news of launching their very own imprint, Mosaik Musik, the dynamic pairing have now given themselves their very own platform to creatively express theirselves as they see fit - with the help of RAM Records and BMG.

Now, with the iminent release of their fourth album, Mosaik, and yet another double-sided single, 'Good Times Bad Times/ Honesty', out now, we thought we'd catch up with the boys to find out more about their progressing projects.

First off, how’s 2017 treated you so far?

2017 has been really hectic so far as the deadline of a 3–years-in-the-making album came closer and closer and there was still so much we wanted to archieve to enhance the listeners experience. Now, with the beginning of march, 2 months studio binge later, we are getting to an end and are very happy with the result, even exceeded our own goals. So 2017 so far was a year of 100% studio time and will be the year of our 4th album and lots of touring.

You’ve had a few singles from your upcoming LP released over the past few months, how have you found the reaction so far?

The reactions have been very positive and people seem to appreciate the extra work we put into our music. As well we are very thankful that our fanbase keeps on following our musical journey and grows musically with us.

Your latest single Good Times Bad Times/ Honesty was released March 10th, who’s the vocalist featuring on the track and how inline with the rest of your LP are these tracks?

On “Good Times Bad Times” our good friend and songwriter Sebastian Arman took care of the bluesy vocals and on “Honesty” its actually Markus Krooked singing, who has a debut with this vocal.

All the videos for your singles have been pretty stunning visually, how much do you tend to get involved in that process and who have you been working with on them?

Actually we always tried to find a company to do all the video work for us, but as we have never been happy with their ideas or references, we tend to get involved in the process and helped where we can.

Our friends at “Filmspektakel” are very professional and are open for our input so we worked on many projects with them.

You’ve embarked on a really exciting journey with RAM Records and BMG, how did this come about and what do you hope it means for your own projects?

It was always our goal to create our own imprint, so we gave life to the label Mosaik Musik. We have 100% freedom over musical direction, channeling and timing. Its like having all the upside from an own label, but with a very professional company handling the office work in the back.

Ever since your Zeitgeist LP, you’ve really created your own signature sound that many recognise as “the Camo & Krooked sound”. How would you describe it and how have you built on this on your next LP?

On Mosaik we definitely follow the way we have paved with Zeitgeist and take it to the next level. Most of it is still written in D&B tempo but we explored many different beat structures to keep it exciting and fresh.

The Camo & Krooked sound has quite a well-developed sound design and tries to get the most out of clean, simple and pleasant sounds. Combining different genres with the Camo & Krooked D&B sound leads to extraordinary results, trying to reinvent itself with every tune.

Who else should people check out for anyone that’s really into your style of production?

There is quite a few producers that followed and evolved the style “Zeitgeist” pioneered,Fred V & Grafix, Bensley & Dan Dakota, to name a few.

Outside of D&B we would recommend Stephan Bodzin, Moderat and Flume.

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