27th March 2017—Mens

Exclusive Interview with Tempa & Tayla

NEW LOOK MEN had the grand opening of our latest stand-alone store at Bullring Birmingham. As part of the launch, we had a host of talent performing live in store. Here we talk to the headliner, Tempa, as well as one of the supporting artists, Tayla.

You performed at the New Look event, what can people expect from your shows?

Tempa: Energy and a good time, we just want everyone to enjoy themselves.

Tayla: I’m not used to such an intimate venue like this but you can expect some interaction with the crowd, a lot of fun and a full performance.

You’re part of an exciting movement in Birmingham, how’s it feel to see the music scene growing in the city?

Tempa: At this present time, it feels good. We’re all getting noticed now, it’s all coming together, all the pieces of the puzzle are really coming together. It’s all off our own merit now as well, rather than just off the back of other cities’ scenes.

Tayla: I think the music’s really getting out there. It’s very Grime-focused but it’s really raw compared to other cities out there at the moment. I bring more of a pop, hip-hop and R&B feel to it all.

Where else can we catch you playing?

Tempa: The up and coming shows we’ve got planned are all on my Twitter (@tempa) and Instagram (@tempaonline), make sure you follow me on there and you won’t miss a thing!

Tayla: I’m at Jazz Café in Camden, London, on 29th April and we’ve got a few in the pipeline which you can see on my Instagram (@Iam_Tayla).

Any other projects we can know about?

Tempa: Yeah I’ve got an EP I’m working on at the moment which will hopefully drop at the end of summer. I’m working with the likes of Swifta, A Class, A Rex – those kind of names.

Tayla: I’ve got a video and a song out at the moment, ‘Call Me Danger’, which is on Spotify and iTunes. The other single I’m gonna perform tonight, ‘Coming Back Around’, will be out next month with a video as well.

What do you think of the NEW LOOK MEN ranges that are in store at the moment?

Tempa: They’re looking good man. I’ve got myself the Snoop Dogg tee and some grey slim fit jeans, I like the fits, my kind of thing.

Tayla: I love it, to be honest I always go for men’s stuff anyway because I like the bagy feel and then I like to customise it my own way to make it more feminine. I’m loving the colourways as well.

Any advice for people trying to build confidence?

Tempa: I would tell anyone who has a dream, to go out there and pursue it. Anything in life is achievable, I’m achieving what I wanted to do and I’m just me, so anyone can do that. Just go out there and get it.

Tayla: I think, for me, I’ve always battled any lack in confidence by believing that if one door closes another will open. Just believe in yourself and don’t care what anyone else thinks.

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