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An Interview with GLXY

One duo that is starting to turn heads in a major way this year, in the more melodic realms of drum & bass, are GLXY. This production pairing have enjoyed releases on Soulvent Records, Spearhead Records and Limitless Recordings, as well as picking up a nomination for Best Newcomers at the Drum & Bass Arena Awards. They been playing some of the biggest clubs and festivals all across Europe and are showing all the signs of true stars in the making. 

With the recent release of their latest Expressions and Impressions EP and an upcoming show at Spearheads Records’ show in London, we thought it was a good time to grab ten minutes with the boys to chat 2016, future projects and what they’re wearing to the club at the moment. 

First off, how’s your year been? Any major highlights? 

JC: Yeah really good thanks. Things have sort of snowballed for us since the beginning of the year. I’d say the highlights include playing at Ministry of Sound, Fabric and also doing our first international shows in Rotterdam, Prague and Ghent. On top of that getting to release on Spearhead, Medschool and also remix for Submotion Orchestra was also amazing!

Tom: I second everything Jon has said really! It has been amazing having the opportunity to frequently play out this year. After only really making our name at the end of last year. We're very privileged to be able to play at some great nights, I guess the hard work is paying off! I'd also say a highlight for me is having the honour to remix London Elektricity for his remix album on MedSchool; I've been a big fan of London Elektricity since my early teens so pretty stoked about that one. 

What projects have you been working on recently we can know about?

So since the Spearhead EP we’ve been doing a lot of writing, including a few collaborations with some artists we really rate at the moment - including Phaction (our collab with him drops this month on Fokuz!). In addition to that, we’ve just done a track for UKF with Louisa Bass and also a single for Limitless Recordings. Next on our list is to get together a new four track EP which has already started and should hopefully see a release next year.

Who else in drum & bass is impressing you at the moment?

JC: For me, LSB has just done the album of 2016 so he’d be in there. In terms of up and coming artists it’s guys like Pola & Bryson, Phaction, Fluidity, Satl and Signal.

Tom: LSB again for me, his album is genius. It's also hard to look away from the Ivy Lab guys at the moment – we have a lot of respect for them, especially when they’re pushing their own sound with such success! Signal also, for a 17 year old he must be the most talented guy in the game right now.

If you could collaborate with anyone, past or present, who would it be?

JC: Inside of drum & bass, LSB or Ivy Lab, outside of drum & bass, probably Jimi Hendrix, no idea what that would sound like but he’s an all time great!

Tom: Calibre has to be on that list, the vibe the guy creates on every single track is stuff of dreams. I think we'd both also like to collaborate with guys like Tom Misch too, I reckon his sound would fuse very nicely with drum & bass.

Where can we catch you playing over the rest of the year?

So for November we’ve got shows in Rotterdam, London (Lightbox) and Birmingham (Amusement 13) and in December it’s London again and also Manchester.

Any pre-show rituals?

JC: Beer

Tom: Gin

One piece of clothing you can’t live without?

JC: Black skinny jeans

Tom: Bomber jacket.

Any trends at the moment you’re loving?

JC: Not that recent but quite liking this longline style of top, even at the risk of looking like I'm wearing a dress.

It’s party season right round the corner, what’s your go-to wardrobe piece when heading out?

JC: Hmmm, when DJing, I’d probably say any one of my adidas T-shirts, for going out I’d probably go for something a bit smarter like jeans and suede desert boots.

Tom: Yeah when DJing, black skinny jeans with a bomber jacket and Nike Internationalist.

Biggest style icon for you?

That’s a difficult one. I wouldn’t say there’s one particular person I’d class as my style icon. Interestingly we’ve both said in the past that clothing is something we’d like to get into. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll have our very own version of Yeezy’s haha.

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