11th November 2016—Mens

Trend Report: Outlander

Winter can be a challenging time to keep up a stylish appearance. You’re heading to more and more parties and nights out but you’re having to deal with layer upon layer. Luckily we’ve got the solution. Our Outlander trend shows you how to keep the layers to a minimum and style to the maximum. Easy to achieve and inspired by some of the biggest trends we’re seeing in the menswear industry at the moment, this is one look you should be taking note of this season.  

Main Elements

To style any trend properly, it’s vital you understand the key elements. You don’t have to put all of these elements together in one outfit, you just need to incorporate a few of them. You can either subtly include them or let them take centre stage, it’s up to you. Don’t worry, if you’re not sure what the below phrases actually mean, we’ll be breaking down each one, showing you pieces we have to nail the look and offering up advice on how to style them. 

- Scandinavian styling and tones

- Utility inspired outerwear and mid-layers

- Contrasting textures




The first element is where we keep the layering, colour palette and overall feel very minimal. Scandinavian styling, in pretty much every aspect and walk of life, is kept stripped back. That means no heavy layering, no bright prints and a focus on clean aesthetics. It’s important to not add too many pieces to your outfit, the other elements of this trend make that part very easy, even in the colder weather. 

Key Pieces



Utility Inspired 

Practicality and fashion combine in the world of utility. With a military aesthetic, utility sees certain finishes like extra pockets, durable materials and a slightly chunkier silhouette. This construction paired with the Scandinavian styling and tones offers a great contrast that combine perfectly to add interest to more minimal outfits. 

Key Pieces



Lofty Textures

As you’ve probably already gathered, stripped-back Scandi styling doesn’t necessarily lead to a boring outfit. Utility-inspired pieces are one way to add more interest to your outfit but another is to go for slightly bolder textures. This is where your knitwear will play a key role. Opting for chunkier knits like slub, cable and bobble will bring a little more depth to your outfit and will eliminate the need to layer up heavily, keeping to the more stripped back finish we’re going for on the Outlander trend. 

Key Pieces


How to Pull it All Together

So we’ve identified the key elements in this trend, now it’s time to style them together. Remember, we want to make use of interesting textures and utility-inspired pieces whilst keeping the overall look stripped back. 


For our first look we’ll get texture from a wool aviator jacket with a borg collar, which will also provide our utility element. Layering this over an off-white long sleeve shirt with a breast pocket will keep the tones minimal and stripped back. Finish with some navy slim fit trousers to keep the silhouette relaxed but appearance smart and you’re good to go. 

Key Pieces



Classically Casual 

For our second look we’ll let the outerwear be the statement. Layering a stone bomber, another utility-inspired piece, over the top of a black thick knitted roll neck will give a great contrast of colour and texture. Finish off with some slim fitting, black chinos to keep the tones muted and silhouette once again relaxed. A more laid-back feel to this outfit but, again, the amount of pieces included are kept to a minimum but the heavy knit will make sure you're not feeling the colder weather too much.

Key Pieces



Minimal Versatility 

Our final bit of outfit inspiration makes much more use of the Scandi element to the Outlander trend. A double breasted wool overcoat layered over a knitted crew neck and finished off with cropped trousers. A smart look able to carry you from your desk to some after work drinks. 

Key Pieces



More Looks for Inspiration

Still in need of some inspiration for nailing the Outlander look? Take a look at a couple of our exclusive shoot and get all the tips and tricks you need to achieve this look with ease.



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