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How to Create the Perfect Party Eyes

Party season may be a little while away, but we think it’s fair to say you can never be too prepared! This season we’re loving statement party eyes- here are seven looks that are super easy to re-create for that special occasion. 


The perfect accompaniment to a metallic party ensemble, you’ll be positively twinkling with these gold lids. 
How to achieve:
1. Try our Natural Nudes palette first, applying the lightest shade from the tear duct out towards your crease.
2. Layer over the gold shade next before finishing with a smoky hue in the corner, all blended with a crease brush.
3. Apply false lashes if desired, and paint the lips a deep matte red for a classic feel. 



Who said a combo of red and green had to be conventional?
How to achieve:
1. Our 12 Shade Eyeshadow Palette will get you set in terms of your lids. Apply a plum underneath the eye and towards the corners, to meet and blend with a burgundy shade on the lid.
2. Add lashings of mascara, and highlight the start of your brow with a festive green. Finish with touches of gold for an appropriate nod to this time of the year. 



An alternative to this season’s rose gold looks, try dustings of bronze on eyes, cheeks and lips for a futuristic approach to the festive period. 
How to Achieve: 
1. Use the blush and gold shades heavily on the lids, before adding additional glitter. 
2. Create an alternative cat eye with our Black Ink Precision Eye Liner, before using a pencil to accentuate the area under your eye. 
3. Compliment with golden face powder or highlighter, and finish with our Bronze Moisturising Lipstick



Want to think out of the box for those Christmas and New Years bashes? Add glitter, and plenty of it. 
How to Achieve:
1. Downplay things with minimal mascara and leave the rest of the face looking natural.
2. Sprinkle the lids and underneath the eyes with glitter, and use face stickers to add a touch of the ethereal.  



Because there’s never been a better time to channel your inner mermaid. 
How to Achieve:
1. This look is all about mixing your metallics to create nymph-like vibes. Take a silver eyeshadow as a base and combine with a turquoise shade. 
2. Dust highlighter over the cheeks and add a simple gloss to complete the look. 



The perfect eye if you’re looking for a twist on traditional Christmas reds. 
How to Achieve:
1. Use our 12 Shade Eyeshadow Palette to re-create the look, making sure lighter hues are focused towards the tear duct. 
2. Make a statement by going below the eye and above the crease, blending with a brush. 
3. Add false lashes if desired.  



An MUA favourite, the smokey eye is a timeless choice come party time. 
How to Achieve:
1. Our Smokey Purple Eyeshadow Palette makes it super simple to re-create this look. 
2. Add the perfect feline flick with liquid eyeliner, and finish with a dewy lip. 

34761 Photo Credit: [Instagram] makeupbyalinna, Imgur, [Tumblr] ofwelshkings, Schonmagazine, [Instagram] karissa_mua, Linda Hallberg 

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