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An Interview with Pelikann

If you're in seach of energy, originality and a straight-up party vibe, we've found your man. Hailing from the Midlands in the UK, Pelikann has been fast-building a reputation among the bass house scene as one of the most exciting and unapologetically brutal producers around. Sticking to a dancefloor-catered sound, Pelikann is dedicated to bringing only the biggest and darkest of sounds, sparking mosh pits on dancefloors all across Europe.

So when we were in search of some fittingly sinister music for our Haloween style guide, there was only one producer we knew we needed to head to. The response to the video has been brilliant and we know you enjoyed the backing track, so take some time to get to know the man behind the beat.

Frist off, how’s 2016 treated you so far, any major highlights?

So far 2016 has been pretty awesome! Had the chance to play a lot of awesome gigs including going over to Berlin and playing at my first festival with the Saucy Records gang, and been working hard at putting out as much music as possible which seems to be going down pretty well!

We’re just saying goodbye to summer, what have been your favourite moments?

I think playing to a full tent at Lockdown festival has to be up at the top. Seriously good vibe and had the chance to play some absolute bangers. You’ve had a string of releases this year, what ones have you found got the best/ most surprising reaction? I think best reaction has been the Jupiter EP that came out on Saucy Records earlier in the year. Most surprising has to be a bootleg i made of a track called Dopest. It had been out for about 10 months with not much activity, then all of a sudden I was getting sent videos of artists like Deadbeat UK dropping it at festivals! Crazy!

Your Trap VIP of Fortuna, is featured in our latest video, what’s the story behind the track and what other tunes should we listen of yours for a similar vibe?

Well the original is a straight up bass house track, far more aggressive. So when I was asked to maybe tone it down for the ad I thought to go for a completely different feel and make it a trap track. It’s the first track I’ve really tried of the style seriously (and definitely won’t be the last!) but you can find the original as a free download on my Soundcloud.

What else have you got going on in the pipeline that we can know about?

Show wise I’m playing a crazy event on 25th November called Shake the Bass at the O2 academy in Sheffield along with some absolute legends of the scene, followed by 9th December down in Plymouth with the &? guys which is always crazy! Release wise there are a few remixes coming out and then 2 EPs due out on Saucy Records and In:Flux Audio in January!

What can’t you live without in your wardrobe?

The staple part of my wardrobe has to be t-shirts with cool/funny designs on them. 90% of the time they are star wars related hahaha. I’m not a particularly fashionable guy… What’s the one trend you’re loving at the moment? Oversized t-shirts and hoodies I think. They’re good for me as they cover up the fact I haven’t been to the gym in years and my arms look like twiglets!

And the one you don’t get?

I can’t stand those skinny tracksuit bottoms that seem to be all the range at the moment. It’s like people are trying to look like an emo roadman or something. Utterly bizarre.

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