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An Interview with Yard One

Yard One is a name you may not be familiar with but we're sure you would've heard a few of their tunes should you be hitting up any house raves of late or tuning into any of Skream's radio shows. Having played a string of shows over the past few months and caught attention of some of the biggest taste makers in house and techno circles, the London and Mancherster-based duo are starting to make a real name for themselves. After discovering the guys earlier this year, we thought they'd be the perfect fit for our latest video style guide - Day to Night - where we show you how you can make small adjustments to your day time outfit to suit your night out. 

Make sure you check out the Day to Night video below and get to know the Yard One lads a little better in this exclusive interview with one half of the pairing, Jordan Bruce, where we chat 2016, future projects and trends they're feeling at the moment. If you like what you hear in the video, the guys have even given some suggested tracks to add to your party playlists.  

First off, how’s 2016 treated you so far, any major highlights?

This year’s been great, lots of exciting new things have been taking shape since the release of our debut album last year. We released our follow up EP Enhua which featured a remix from our newly found Cologne-based friend Roger Van Lunteren. We also just returned the favour with a remix on his new album on Argentinian imprint Diffuse Reality which picked up support from some of our favourite artists in the electronic music sphere.

We’re just saying goodbye to summer, what have been your favourite moments?

It’s been another great summer, aside from club highlights with artists like Mr.G, DJ Deep and Route 8, a boat trip around coastal islands in the south of France was absolutely stunning. One of the best things throughout the summer though was myself and Larry getting the chance to write some new music. 

We’re based in different ends of the country, myself (Jordan Bruce) in London and Larry (Jones) up in Manchester so we don’t get a huge amount of studio time together in the same place. We always bounce ideas back and forth but generally the things that we produce and really love are made in the moment when we’re together in the studio. 

Our recent EP is a perfect example of this and it’s just been finished and signed to a label which we both love, and will be accompanied by a remix from an artist we both love, unfortunately that’s all I can say at this stage!

You’ve had a string of releases this year, what ones have you found got the best/ most surprising reaction?

I think our ‘Dark Light’ remix of Roger Van Lunteren which I mentioned earlier has been one of the most well received things we’ve ever put out. It saw us venture into the realms of raw, lo-fi Techno which was quite a new thing for us. 

It managed to grab the attention of people like Rush Hour’s Cosmin TRG, L.I.E.S artist Gunnar Haslam, Anthony Parasole and Lena Willikens so it really felt like this different style was resonating in all the right places for us. The next EP is aligned with that remix aesthetically with a more lo-fi, tape saturated sound but a lot more House centric than the Techno feel of the remix.

Your tune ‘Amber’ featuring Rachel K Collier, is featured in our latest video, what’s the tune about and what other tunes should we listen of yours for a similar vibe?

Amber all really came to form when Rachel got involved in the project, we were looking for someone to provide vocal contributions to the album and I happened to run into Rachel in Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event, I reached out and within a matter of weeks of giving Rachel the audio she came back with something that completely transformed the record and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. 

In terms of what it’s about I asked Rachel for a quote for you, she said ‘’The lyrics are about starting to notice that things aren't quite what you initially thought, but you’re refusing to admit this to yourself and ignoring the warning signs that things could go wrong - (between two people). The line ‘Amber is all I see’ is a metaphor for the warning signs.’’

What else have you got going on in the pipeline that we can know about? Shows, releases etc. 

There’ll be some new material coming from us before the end of the year on my label Tact Recordings, a collaboration with an old friend of ours from Manchester who releases under the name Ruthit. 

We’ve known each other for a long time and this collaboration has been a long time coming so it’s really nice to see it finally coming to fruition. The early feedback on it has already been great and it’s set to drop on the 28th October worldwide. Amongst this Yard One will be regularly playing around Manchester so keep your eyes peeled J.

What can’t you live without in your wardrobe?

So many things! I’ve become rapidly obsessed with everything that Our Legacy the Swedish brand make, I love their clothing and I’m always wearing their towel fabric long sleeve top from last season. I’m also a huge fan of Acne Studios, also from Sweden; I own a pair of jeans and a really thin summer jumper from them. 

I’m also a massive fan of Universal Works, a London based company, I recently purchased one of their jacket’s that’s modelled on the baker jacket the founders father wore when he worked in a bakery, it’s really beautifully made. Larry also likes to support small boutique local brands in Manchester like Menikmati, Yacht Club and Black Nine Clothing.

What’s the one trend you’re loving at the moment?

I’m a big fan of oversized clothing, T-Shirts and jumpers, that seems to be very popular right now but I’m really into the comfort and loose feel of it. I generally don’t like clothing to be too tight or fitted and prefer it to be a bit baggy and feel comfortable in what I’m wearing.

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