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12 Characters Everyone Will Want to Dress As This Halloween

Halloween may be a little while away, but here at NL HQ, we’re already planning our looks. Thinking of ditching the classic looks in favour of something more relevant? We have you covered with the 12 characters from this year’s film and TV that you’ll want to dress as this Halloween. 


The Movie: Suicide Squad
The Character: Keeping it kooky, Harley is a maniac with violence on her mind. Smile crazily, and always refer to your beau as Puddin’. 
What to Wear: Predicted to be the most popular look this Halloween, Harley Quinn’s look is all in the details. A raglan tee with sateen shorts and a matching bomber make way for multiple drawn-on tattoos and that playful dip dye. Don’t forget your bat. 



TV Show: Stranger Things
The Character: Eleven is one of Stranger Things’ ultimate mysteries. She hardly talks, and is often seen concentrating on objects- think Matilda, but more intense. 
What to Wear: Although she’s in a number of get-ups throughout the series, her pink dress and bomber is the most iconic. Shaved head not essential, but don’t forget the touch of blood from your nose. 



The TV Show: Game of Thrones
The Character: After being stabbed to death by his so-called comrades, Snow wakes up bewildered, slightly angry and very pale. 
What to Wear: Think Jon Snow before death, but add a whole load of white make-up and randomly placed cuts.



The TV Show: Supernatural action comedy Preacher 
The Character: Preacher Jesse Custer is a religious man that is running from his past life while becoming consumed by a mysterious, Godly power. Make sure you have his Texas drawl down. 
What to Wear: Think classic preacher style, complete with the dog collar, but add in modern twists with multiple rings, a chunky belt and that iconic spiked hair.



The Movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
The Character: Filled with energy and willing to help, Poe Dameron is a secret saviour in the newest Star Wars instalment. Keep it chirpy, with lots of gusto. 
What to Wear: An orange jumpsuit is a must, complete with a white vest and always carry your helmet.



The TV Show: Fantasy epic Game of Thrones
The Character: Each child of the forest may look slightly unnerving, but their purpose is always to help
What to Wear: Think faux moss and all the vines you can get your hands on. Contact lenses are a plus, and get your friend to lend a hand with an intricate hairstyle. 



The Movie: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
The Character: The movie might not even be out yet, but everyone is talking about Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman. Angry and brooding, get your evil eye down and why not make an entrance with water?!
What to Wear: A matted mane and beard are key, go crazy with the eye liner and pair with intricate tribal designs, scattered armour and that all-important trident.



The Movie: Ghostbusters
The Character: Jillian is the quirkiest member of the Ghostbusters gang, with her random jokes and funny looks entertaining everyone. 
What to Wear: Throw mismatched layers on, keep your hair in a messy up-do and don’t forget those yellow tinted shades. 



The Movie: X-Men: Apocalypse 
The Character: The joker of the pack with a quick wit, and even quicker movements, Quicksilver was one of the highlights of X-Men: Apocalypse. 
What to Wear: Keep it grunge with a biker jacket and black tee; add silver hair and run everywhere to nail the look. 



The Movie: Deadpool
The Character: Deadpool is a tongue-in-cheek anti-hero, with a love for expletives. Keep the jokes coming, and bust out your combat moves during intervals. 
What to Wear: A red and black suit, adorned with all manner of weapons, placed all over the body. 



The Movie: Batman
The Character: Wonder Woman pretty much stole the show in Batman v Superman, saving the day with her sword skills and serious steely expressions. 
What to Wear: There’s always the classic Wonder Woman outfit, but if you’re looking for the 2016 remix, it’s all about going darker. The key pieces consist of a shield, arm cuffs and a lasso- think feminine gladiator. 



The Movie: Alice Through the Looking Glass
The Character: Cool, calm and collected, The White Queen is effortlessly elegant. Float around the party with veritable ease. 
What to Wear: Keep to an all-white ensemble, with crisp tule, an icy wig and plenty of pearls, adding a splash of colour with a dark plum lip. 

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