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8 Back to School Heat-Free Hairstyles

The first day back at school after a long, relaxing summer can be a toughie. Donning your uniform might be self-explanatory, but deciding on what style you want your hair can be tricky- we’ve got you covered with eight statement ‘dos to rock.




Milkmaid braids, or crown braids are the perfect way to keep your hair looking equal amounts smart and structured.
What You Need:
- Grab your brush, some bobby pins and some hairspray (optional). 

How to Achieve: 
- Prep and part your hair, a centre parting is preferable. 
- Put your hair in two bunches, securing with elastic bands before plaiting them. 
- Bring both plaits around your head, meeting at the crown and pin in place. 
- Tease some of the hair out slightly for a messy ‘do, and add a few more bobby pins to secure, then spritz with hairspray. 





The perfect style for short to medium hair, the half bun gives your hair volume while keeping it out of your face for class. 
What You Need: 
- A fine tooth comb, a hair band and some trusty bobby pins. 

How to Achieve:
- Take the front section of your hair (about a quarter of the way down your head) and pull into a small ponytail.
- Backcomb the hair in the pony to add extra volume.
- Wrap the hair around the hairband and secure with bobby pins. 





Inspired by Gossip Girl’s Serena van der Woodsen, the tousled pony is idea if you’re looking for a relaxed up do with bags of volume.
What You Need:
- Dry shampoo, Your brush and an elastic band. 

How to Achieve:
- Apply dry shampoo to the roots of your hair to texturise the look before you gently backcomb with your brush. 
- Pull into a pony and secure with an elastic band. 
- Slide the elastic band out of your hair slightly, before re-tightening for the ultimate volume at the crown. 





Searching for an effortless look with a no-fuss approach? The top knot is for you. 
What You Need: 
- Ditch the brush, you simply need a hair band and some pins. 

How to Achieve
- Use your fingers to gather your hair on top of your head before pulling into a ponytail. 
- Wrap your hair around the hairband, focusing on pulling it more tightly near the based of the bun for that knot effect.
- Secure with bobby pins. 





A mid to low pony can look a little plain when it comes to your first day- create a more intricate feel with the addition of small braids. 
What You Need:
- Have your paddle brush, a hair band and some elastic bands on hand. 

How to Achieve: 
-Grab two small sections of your hair just above your ear and plait, making sure to direction it towards the back of your head. 
- Secure with elastic bands, before incorporating them into your mid-pony. 






If you’re a centre-parting kind of girl, experimenting with where your hair sits can give you a whole new look, without a cut or colour needed. 
What You Need:
- A fine tooth comb, and some bobby pins, or slides

How to Achieve: 
-Part your hair on the extreme right, or extreme left of your hair using a fine comb. 
- Pay attention to the front of your hair, sweep your side part over your forehead gently and secure with bobby bins. 
- Backcomb the underneath sections of your hair for more volume. 





A great alternative to plaids, bubble braids bring a 90s vibe. 
What you Need: 
- Lots of elastic bands, your brush and some hairspray (optional)

How to Achieve: 
- Divide your hair into two equal parts, and pull into high ponies, holding the hair tight. 
- Once they are secured, move down the pony and place elastic bands in intervals down the hair, teasing the hair out to form a bubble. 





Wanting to show off your lengthening locks? Try relaxed waves for flawless hair in minutes. 
What You Need:
- A paddle bush, hair bands and some sea salt spray (optional)

How to Achieve: 
- Divide your hair into rough sections, twisting them into loose buns and securing with hairbands. 
- In the morning, remove the hairbands and gently brush through the curls to flatten them
- Spray sections of the hair with sea salt spray and you’re ready for your first day!

31761 Photo Credit: (From Top to Bottom) Jessakae, [Instagram]Mimielashiry, Elite Daily,Brittsully,Therealgentlemansclub, Prosecco and Plaid, Thisiglamourous, Kristin Ess via Refinery 29.    

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