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Exclusive Interview with Jacob Banks

If you don't already, Jacob Banks is a man you need to know. His voice may be more familiar to you than you think, having worked with the likes of Chase & Status and Sigma, but he's an extremely talented singer and songwriter in his own right. The release of his second EP Paradox, got the producer on the radars of some of the biggest DJs, Producers and recordl labels and he's enjoyed a steady rise in popularity ever since. So why all this chat about Mr Banks?

Working with New Look Men to supply the tunes for our Tailoring Guide, we caught up with Banks to chat about 'Monster', his Paradox EP and what plans he has for the near future. 

First off, how is 2016 treated you so far, any major highlights?

2016 has been very kind to me, I got the sickest birthday present ever, which was bungee jumping, I have always wanted to go, so I was elated. 

I also almost ran Chris Martin over at radio -weekender. Hashtag thrilling. 

We’re just saying goodbye to summer, what have been your favourite shows you’ve played?

Radio1 Weekender was pretty fun, aside from almost killing Chris Martin! 

Any pre-show rituals?

Run Chris Martin over. 

You released The Paradox over a year ago now, how has that EP changed your career?

It was such a brave thing to do because I did it all myself and I had to really trust my judgement but I loved every moment of it and I am extremely proud of the body of work that was born out it all. 

More than anything the greatest achievement I got from the EP is belief in myself. 

You’ve worked with some huge producers in your career already, including Chase & Status, who’s been your favourite to work with and who would be your dream producer to get in the studio with?

My favourite person to work with is Knox Brown and SOS because Knox is one of my oldest friends so it’s all natural. SOS are incredible producers from London and I see a lot of myself in them and they push me to be better. 

Your tune ‘Monster’ is featured in our latest video, what’s the tune about and what other tunes should we listen of yours for a similar vibe?

‘Monster’ is about being pushed to become a greater and more audacious version of yourself and owning it.

Ermmm I have a song called ‘Sink or Swim’ which I think is in the same vein.

What else have you got going on in the pipeline that we can know about? 

I’m working on an EP called “The Boy Who Cried Freedom’ which I cannot wait to share my stories with my friends on the Internet.

What can’t you live without in your wardrobe?

This changes every few months, currently its black slim fit trousers. 

What’s the one trend you’re loving at the moment?

Pastel colours are a thing now, everyone is expressing themselves in vibrant colours and I love that.

And the one you don’t get?

Ermm I don’t believe there are any trends that I don’t like, it’s all a form of expression and I’m all for it!

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