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This NYFW Beauty Will inspire Your Halloween Look

Where last year saw emojis at the forefront of Halloween dressing, this autumn sees phone filters meet real life. Desigual’s recent showcase at New York Fashion Week saw it’s models don flower crowns and painted faces, all reminiscent of some of your favourite Snapchat filters and it’s giving us major Halloween beauty inspiration… 


Even without those trademark floppy ears, the resemblance to Snapchat’s dog face is uncanny. 
How to get the look: 
Paint the tip of your nose a dark brown, drawing the outline of an upside down heart across the bridge of your nose and cheeks in a lighter shade. Colour in and dot with freckles to finish the look. 



The zebra filter is a perfect alternative to a traditional cat or leopard this Halloween.
How to get the look: 
Start with the eyes, using a chunky eyeliner pen to draw a dramatic cat eye and extend at the corners for a statement look. Add two curved lines across the cheeks and from the chin to the bottom of the lips to finish.  



The failsafe filter for those off-days, the flower crown has fast become everyone's favourite look on the image sharing app. 
How to get the look: 
Emulate the enlarged flowers with paper flowers or a pre-made garland, making sure to add extra highlighter on the cheeks for that ethereal glow the filter gives you. 



The deer filter may be a recent addition, but it’s exponential popularity means it’s sure to be a favourite this Halloween. 
How to get the look:
Concentrate the darkest bronzer on the cheekbones, between the brows and above them, drawing small white ovals on the forehead to emulate the animal’s print. Finish with an eyeliner flick between the lids and the eyebrow- draw on using a liquid liner for precision. 



Possibly the most adorable filter in the selection, the floating butterfly crown will have you positively glowing this season. 
How to get the look:
Using simple cut-out butterfly designs, attach them the bulldog clips for a 3D illusion. Finish with highlighter on the cheeks and subtle make-up for a natural glow.

32471 Photo Credit: Getty 

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