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Exclusive Interview with The Greasy Slicks

The Greasy Slicks are sure to be a band you're going to become far more familiar with in the near future. With a debut album dropping later this month, a slew of shows over the summer and some impressive music videos now released, this British three-piece blues-rock outfit are starting to seriously make a name for themselves. 

So why all this talk about The Greasy Slicks? Well, New Look Men have just launched our latest denim guide and video (which you can check out below) and the guys have provided the perfect soundtrack for it. To give you more information, we caught up with the boys as they were on their way to a show in Germany to talk 2016, their debut album and what fashion trends have caught their eye this year. 

First off, how’s 2016 treated you so far, any major highlights?

This year has been really busy; loads of gigs and we've got the album release at the end of the month. It was a real privilege to be directed by Mark Waring (Fantastic Mr. Fox, Paolo Nutini) on the shoot for the Eyes Wide Black video. That guy is a total pro and it was inspiring to see him work. The reaction we've had from the two videos we dropped this year has been very rewarding.

We’re just saying goodbye to summer, what have been your favourite shows you’ve played?

Our EP release in April at the Sebright Arms in London was pretty special --‐ playing to a packed room of new fans who had paid to see us was incredibly satisfying. There were some great festivals this summer too. Playing at Secret Garden Party in sparkly spandex was a real hoot!

Any pre-show rituals?

Only the usual vocal warm ups and some wrist/finger action (stretching, that is...). No huddles, chants or high fives in our green room!

You’ve had your debut album drop this year, how have you found reception to the new material?

The album comes out at the end of this month (30th September) but we've released a couple of singles and the response to them so far has been awesome. We're so excited for people to hear the rest!

You’ve just had the visuals drop for your single ‘Hawks’, how did you find filming the video?

Filming the music video for Hawks was a lot of fun but it absolutely destroyed us all --‐ felt more like an SAS crash course than a video shoot! Five solid days of sprinting, jumping, climbing, swimming in freezing water and (by the last day) falling down sand dunes --‐ the pain you see in that video is the real deal! But the guys at Friction Collective did a fantastic job and were a real pleasure to work with.

Your tune ‘Eyes Wide Black’ is featured in our latest video, what’s the tune about and what other tunes should we listen of yours for a similar vibe?

Eyes Wide Black is about paranoia induced sleeplessness. The album covers some pretty difficult topics from physical and mental sickness through to traumatic loss. Beggars in particular is rather morbid.

What else have you got going on in the pipeline that we can know about? Shows, releases etc.

I'm writing this from the back of our tour van whilst flying down the Autobahn on our way from Berlin to Shüttorf. We're on our first headline tour of Europe and we're having lots of fun and meeting loads of wicked people out here (whilst also drinking lots of water, eating plenty of fruit and getting early nights). We've got a few more countries to go; Holland, Denmark, Spain and Ireland, with a brief stop off on the Isle of Wight for Bestival. The last tour date (29th) is going to be in London at the Sebright Arms - it's also our album release show!

What can’t you live without in your wardrobe?

If by "wardrobe" you mean "suitcase" then I make sure to pack as many light and loose t-shirts as possible because when we play I produce an unfathomable amount of sweat and must get through 2‐3 a day. Most, if not all, of them are band tees. We're a pretty casually dressed band - jeans, t-shirts, bare feet...

What’s the one trend you’re loving at the moment?

We dig dungarees on girls, oversized jackets on dudes and tattoos for everyone.

And the one you don’t get?

I've seen too many people in Peckham wearing socks and sandals - wasn't that once fashion's biggest faux pas?! Whether it's hip or not, I can't make my peace with it.

Be sure to check out The Greasy Slicks on their Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter. Like what you hear? Make sure you get their new album on pre-order and check out our full denim guide with video and style notes. 

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