The Evolution of Festival Fashion by New Look

The festival season is finally here, marking the triumphant return of field frolicks and creative summer style! Britain’s pastoral idyll is once again gearing up for the Pyramid Stage, the Temple of Boom and the Ambient Forest, with each of the UK’s key events all possessing their own unique vibe and festival looks. For 2014, look to our trends to dress for the occasion with Neon Boho, Tropical Beach and Neon Bloom offering you the perfect look whatever your festival destination. So dust off those wellie boots, pull on your floral playsuits, grab your favourite festival kimono as we prepare ourselves for another season of fun festival mayhem!

Check out our Festival Fashion timeline for insights into the music and style tips that will help your outfit look great. Tracing the evolution of festival trends in music and fashion from 1969 to 2014, we're taking you on a fashion filled journey back in time.

Whatever your festival style, New Look has you covered for what is on track to be a sizzling summer of music!

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