Kim Sears

Reigning Queen of Wimbledon, following her beau Andy’s victory in last year’s competition, Kim Sears always dresses the part with sophistication and style. Following on from last year’s iconic mint selection, this year Kim has opted for classic Wimbledon Whites in all their minimalist glory – no longer just reserved for the players – and tapped into the fabric of the summer, crochet, for a light and airy feel. Accenting this simple style which flashes of pink, from her blush tone blazer to the electric pink belt, she complements the look with a matching rose tinted lip. Sensibly, wedges are the order of the day as a comfortable daytime choice. Kim, you’re off to a great start – let’s hope Andy is too!
Tips & tricks

How to wear it

Kim's honey tones are gorgeously light for summer
Add a flash of colour through vibrant accessories such as a skinny belt
An oversized tote is the ultimate statement
Wedges - comfortable and stylish!

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