Vanessa Hudgens

Glastonbury is fast approaching, and while catching your favourite bands is a must, getting a festival friendly look is the headlining importance to bear in mind. Vanessa Hudgens, a Coachella regular, usually favours flowing fabrics and bohemian garlands. But this year she’s revamped her choice of accessories, opting for a grungier and more alternative approach to festival styling. An oversized hat works perfectly with long ombre hair, and chunky jewellery in rusty gold tones has an Aztec charm to it. Acid shorts are a summer must, particularly when punctuated with an embellished belt. For the finishing touches to a crowd pleasing look, invest in a rucksack for that 90s revival.
Tips & tricks

How to wear it

An oversized hat ensures you'll stand out for the right reasons
Retro pendants are perfect over a patterned crop top
Relive the 90s with a rucksack
Wellies are no more, it's all about the chelsea boots!

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Maddie, 23, June, 2014. 08:44 pm

Venessa's look is really interesting. Her look relates to, in my opinion, indie/hippie/hipster. She can pull off this look because of her skin tone and facial features. This doesn't mean a light skin toned and differently structured faced girl can't pull it off. In fact most people can wear this look and look amazing!! This look is good especially for spring/summer but can also be warn in winter and other colder seasons as long as you wrap up warm. This indie, hippie, hipster look is very much so in right now.

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