Cut It Out

What is it about 'those' pair of jeans that have stayed with you for years, and are practically falling apart with rips and tears, but somehow manage to look impeccable and make you the man you are today? The thought of parting with these nostalgic jeans is like un-friending someone on Facebook for no logical reason at all. If you or someone you know has faced a similar outfit predicament, the worn and rugged finish is now a carefully constructed trend that solves this problem. The slashed knee redefines skinny jeans, and makes the everyday staple more of a statement (but it's like you didn't really care.) Blogger Nigel Lew shows how to tastefully 'tatter' an office look, pairing deconstructed jeans with a vintage mac and classic oxford shirt. Rolling up the cuffs is another little trick to re-edit this look. Streetwear has similarly embraced the style, with men forcing bigger holes in skinny jeans for their knees to carve out from. A cohesive outfit of predominate black clothing (with the exception of contrast white trainers) establishes a look that's both of punk and sport origin. The moral of the story is that looking careless couldn't be further from the truth.

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