Men's Trend Guide
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Tailoring is on the tip of everyone’s tongue this season. With inspiration collated across the decades, there are flashes of pastels in a Great Gatsby manner, grey and check throwbacks to The Italian Job, and modern black suits that reinvent the Reservoir Dogs. Here’s a breakdown of the finest ways to smarten up your Summer.


‘Popping to Hawaii’ isn’t a common phrase for us (unfortunately), but luckily a paradise print is moving abroad to our own wardrobe shores. Long gone are the goofy days of Ace Ventura parading around in an oversized tropical shirt, as the style has been stemmed for a new scene. Expect kaleidoscope floral print, luminous and magnetic colours, a pineapple appearance, and a fresh new take on the term retro. Taking on the tropics is a stylish state of mind.


Men are giving every day wear some artistic flare this season. Not content on a basic tee, impressionistic print has joined forces with personal style, through futuristic, abstract and pop art references. This is wardrobe art in its element.


Bringing together tips from our buyers in the know, and seeking out street style inspiration, we’ve found the trends that will fit perfectly into your life. From marble tees to a 90’s feel, they’re all here.