Style Profile: Alex Turner

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In 2006, a group of Sheffield lads insisted that we would all look good on the dancefloor. Introducing a snappy and fresh indie sound, immediate comparisons to Brit Pop from days-gone-by propelled Alex Turner and co into the spotlight.

As their sound developed with psychadelic and nostalgic influences, Alex's personal style also went through a transformation. Abandoning the skinny jean in favour of a 1950s throwback, his look now toys with James Dean and British Teddy Boy cultures. Pristine as much as thrifty, Alex now embraces a suited look that encourages suits and quiffed hair into the indie scene.

Here is his style profile…

Style Profile: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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For so many years Joseph Gordon Levitt remained under the radar, focusing strictly on his craft, to find himself at the heart of the indie film industry whilst also knocking at the door of the some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood. He’s come a long way since his days as a casually dressed extra-terrestrial on “3rd Rock from the Sun”, a gawky teen dream in a pair of ill-fitting jeans and hair that would safely disguise him at the back of Hanson, to the dapper tailored-gent he is today.

Here is his style profile:

London Collections Men: A Tailored Turnout

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London Collections Men, (or LC:M if abbreviations are the ‘in’ thing right now), took place earlier in the week. Giving men a rightful shout out for style classics and risk taking, the runway was a buzz of upcoming designers and staple names. Sports influence was taking over, but regarding the street style clientele and guest list, tailoring ruled supreme. From David (Dolce) Gandy, to Tinie Tempah and a Game Of Thrones gent, this was a suave showcase of modern menswear.

Menswear Press Day: Behind The Scenes

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Autumn/Winter marks a menswear reinvention for New Look. Adopting a vibe that takes inspiration from East London, French lingo, tailored rebellion and more, the male aesthetic has taken on a gritty and ground-breaking approach.    With beards, tattoos and beanies making their editorial debut, we’re giving you a look into our Men’s Press Day that took place last week.

Global Graphics

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Blending in with your surroundings is the new way to stand out this season! Graphic tees are being taken over by landscape inspired prints, and there's a style to match every location. Whether you're a serious city boy, a laid back seaside stroller, a festival enthusiast, or someone that holds sport and style hand in hand, graphics have officially gone global! Check out the T-Shirts that will transport you to another city!

Mens: Tropic Thunder

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Popping To Hawaii isn’t as common a phrase as nipping to the cornershop for some crisps. But luckily for us, a paradise print is moving abroad to our own wardrobe shores. Long gone are the goofy days of Ace Ventura parading around in an oversized tropical shirt, as the style has been stemmed for a new scene. Expect kaleidoscope floral prints, luminous and magnetic colours, all of which caters for the everyday…or adventurous personalities in mind.