100 Days of Summer - our new TV advert!

Summer isn't just about two weeks in the sun. We picked 100 New Look customers and staff to star in our 100 Days of Summer TV advert. Whether it's picnics, festivals, bbqs, poolside frolics, or even downpours in the park we've got all your outfit eventualities covered!

Find out more about the shoot

kat new look model

Katharina Erasin is one of the gorgeous faces of our tv advert, we interviewed her on the whole casting process which apparently involved a chase down London's Carnaby Street!

We also asked Kat what it was like on set and for her highlights of the day. Read on to find out more!

See Kat's Q&A
behind the scenes at the shoot

From tables of shoes to models having a sneaky snooze our behind the scenes gallery shows you everything you didn't see on the tv advert!

View the custom-built pool, check out the models in makeup and even take a look at the ducklings we had on the shoot.
To the ducks!
100 days of summer gallery

We would love to see your summer outfits! Upload your pics to our 100 days of Summer gallery to get invloved.

Send us your favourite looks from your weekend, the latest festival you attended or simply a day at the park.
upload now!
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Take a look through our 100 Days of Summer gallery. The looks are grouped into themes with style notes to guide you through the summer.

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Lydia Bellwood-Howard, 11, July, 2013. 11:14 am

Hello, I'm looking for the multicououred flipflops/sandals that are in the poster for 2013 NewLook Sandals, the ones third form the left. I can't find them on the website.. what is their product code / name ? thanks

, 04, November, 2012. 07:30 am

I really like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and reporting! Keep up the very good works guys I've incorporated you guys to my blogroll.

Lourdes, 19, May, 2012. 06:05 pm

Hi hun,I'm so inspired by your cause. It is such a great idea and such a crvaitee way to do it.I was wondering if you sell your dresses? I live in Adelaide and would love to purchase one or two? Regards,Bella

NL Daily, 13, June, 2012. 10:05 am

I'm unable to view the video so can only guess which dresses are there :) Here's a link to our dresses page if you want to try adn find something similar>> http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/dresses_10019
Hope this helps!
NL Team

anonymous, 26, January, 2012. 11:42 pm

where can i find the pink/lilac/cream top with 3/4 sleeves in the winter sun advert

NL Daily, 13, June, 2012. 10:02 am

As the video can't be viewed any more I've done some guess work & tried to find something that fits the description! Here's what I've come up with>> http://bit.ly/M1y4kw
It's a nice casually cool top that is perfect for these confusing weather changes! Hope this helps! NL Team

Anonymous, 15, June, 2011. 05:20 pm

Hi, I NEED the Dixie Dungarees in the first part of the advert PLEASE will someone tell when there on sale??? Thank you:)

NL Daily, 13, June, 2012. 09:57 am

Here's the link to our dungarees page>> http://bit.ly/Mrg9aN
Hopefully you can find what your looking for :)
NL Team

NL Fan, 13, June, 2011. 06:32 pm

I Wanted To Know If The Dress At 30-33 Seconds In The Balcony Scene Is The Same As This One. Please Let Me Knw.

NL Daily, 14, June, 2011. 10:43 am

Hi there, that is indeed the dress from the TV advert. xoxo

NL Fan, 14, June, 2011. 04:38 pm

Thank You x

Vicki-leigh, 12, June, 2011. 01:08 pm

Hi do you know where i can get the coliurful heels from that the blonde girl is wearing as she walks down the stairs in your T.V ad. I cant find them in shop or on website.


NL Daily, 13, June, 2011. 10:02 am

HI Vicki-Leigh, We don't seem to have those wedges in anymore, but why not have a look at the rest of our fabulous collection for something that may catch you eye?! >> http://goo.gl/OBGdg xoxo

amber, 12, June, 2011. 07:31 am

hi, is the rukack at approx 22-23 seconds available???xx

NL Daily, 13, June, 2011. 09:56 am

Hi Amber,
The rucksack is available. You can find it in the men's sections on our website under 'Bags and Wallets' >> http://goo.gl/ieJEE xoxo

NL Daily, 10, June, 2011. 01:44 pm

Hi all, unfortunately the Dixie dungarees featured in the TV ad did not go into production due to a problem with our supplier, the good news is we will be getting the Dixie dungaree dress in very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for more super dungaree styles and colours hitting our website over the next few weeks. Xoxo

NL Fan, 08, June, 2011. 06:12 pm

Please let me know when this dress is coming...
The blue one in 30 - 33 seconds. The dark balcony scene, carrying a cream or white bag.

T. Summer, 08, June, 2011. 12:31 pm

30-33 secs dress!
dats da dress i wnt

NL Fan, 07, June, 2011. 08:27 pm

In the 100 Days of Summer Advert. There's this beautiful Maxi Dress 30-33 Seconds at the dark Balcony Scene with a lot of other models. The Model is carrying a cream bag with that dress. I hope thats enough to describe what it. Please let me know when its coming out. I looked on the website, checked in 3-4 stores but it's not there. I'd appreciate it very much if someone could let me know. I'm dying for that dress!!!! Oh and the bag, if its available!


Anonymous, 07, June, 2011. 03:17 pm

can you please give us more information on when the Dixie Dungarees will be on sale?

Anonymous, 06, June, 2011. 03:24 pm

when exactly will the dixie denim dungarees be available? it says beginning of june but its the 6th and thats past the beginning... im a very impatient person and they're so pretty!! i want them for festy =D

Ags, 03, June, 2011. 01:53 pm

hi there could anyone let me know when the maxi dresses will b available that come in2 shot in the 30th second of the ad..thanx

cb, 01, June, 2011. 10:00 pm

does anyone know where to get the backpack the girl with the tribly and shorts @23 seconds? ive looked al over the website and i cant find it!

NL Daily, 02, June, 2011. 09:06 am

Hi cb,
The rucksack you're looking for is actually in the mens section of our site which is why you may have had difficulty. But here it is >>http://goo.gl/ieJEE Enjoy!! xoxo

Hannah, 01, June, 2011. 09:25 pm

I would also like to know when we'll be able to get the denim dungarees at the start of the advert. I've wanted them since the ad came out but cant find them anywhere!

Lucy, 01, June, 2011. 11:42 am

I have been looking for those denim short dungarees for days and i cant find them anywhere except on the gallery wall. I also want to find that purple swimming costume on the girl standing on the diveboard I cant find tat either. Please help!

Michelle, 31, May, 2011. 11:36 pm

Where can i find the denim playsuit / dungaress thats in the advert at the beggining?

Deborah , 31, May, 2011. 09:16 pm

We would like the denim playsuit shorts (or are they called dungarees) that come on 8 secs into the ad - we can't find them anywhere and my daughter is hounding me to get them
Help please

Anonymous, 31, May, 2011. 06:46 pm

7 seconds in, the denim Play suit I can't find it anywhere (the exact one)x

Alison, 31, May, 2011. 02:33 pm

@ 0.27 i want the dress that the girl with the denim coat is wearing. please can you tell me when it will be available?

NL Daily, 31, May, 2011. 02:42 pm

Hi Alison, you're in luck! This dress is already available. Its our Frilly Drop Back sundress and you can find it here >> http://goo.gl/ICtNP xoxo

Anonymous, 31, May, 2011. 11:33 am

Where can I find the stripey maxi dress shown at about 44 seconds into the advert?

Tori, 30, May, 2011. 07:03 pm

I have been looking for the long blue dress that someone is wearing during the night scene on the balcony. Can u tell me where i can get it from as I am getting fed up of trying to find it now

stephanieayling , 29, May, 2011. 08:48 pm

hey guys im looking to buy the orange playsuit shown by the mixed race girl on balcony in your advert when will it be ready to purchase please email me to let me know x

Anonymous, 29, May, 2011. 07:43 pm

I really don't understand why you are showing clothes in your advert that you can't buy. It seems absolutely pointless. I am interested in the blue maxi dress. Please can you let me know when it will be available to actually buy.

Jess, 28, May, 2011. 07:55 pm

21 seconds in, what is the top/link for the top that is shown on the right in the book the girl is holding? Thanks :)

stripe, 27, May, 2011. 08:31 pm

27 seconds into the tv ad the girl wearing the multi colour top with a denim jacket over the top--I cant see it to order. please advise!!!

Madeleine, 27, May, 2011. 03:43 pm

Hi there,

I really love the denim dungaree shorts shown a few seconds into the advert, when will they be available online / in store?

NL Daily, 31, May, 2011. 09:54 am

Hi Madeleine,
Our new range of dungarees are being released this week and across the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! xoxo

Anonymous, 27, May, 2011. 09:32 am

is it possible for anyone to be in the newlook adverts?

NL Daily, 31, May, 2011. 09:53 am

Hi there, it is possible for anyone to be in the New Look adverts! Look out for more castings coming up in July. xoxo

Anonymous, 26, May, 2011. 06:05 pm

Is the dungeree's in story yet ? xx

Anonymous, 25, May, 2011. 04:34 pm

Will you be doing mens dungarees this summer?

NL Daily, 26, May, 2011. 01:26 pm

Hi there, Unfortunately we won't be doing any dungarees for men this year. xoxo

Sara, 25, May, 2011. 01:37 pm

I am trying to find the blue maxi dress can't seem to find it!!

katy, 25, May, 2011. 12:38 pm


i am looking for the wooden shoes with the colourful straps you have near the end of your advert. i think the girl has a bikini and white shirt on :D

NL Daily, 25, May, 2011. 01:37 pm

Hi Katy, there may be a slight delay in the new stock appearing in stores and online. In the meantime why not check out our great range of super cute wedges on our website? >>http://goo.gl/32uo7 xoxo

Anonymous, 25, May, 2011. 10:48 am

i can not find the white sleeveless shirt over the orange bikini anywhere!!! please help

NL Daily, 25, May, 2011. 11:21 am

Hi there, I think this may be the shirt you are looking for, styled here with a leather look and white fabric belt >>Product Code:219520910 Just type in the product code into the search box and it should take you to what your looking for. Enjoy! xoxo

Keely, 24, May, 2011. 10:10 pm

Please help, I really want the brown backpack featured in the new advert but am getting no luck finding it, not online or instore. when is this item available please?

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